Follow Through

On the pool table, you must shoot straight and true. Line up your Shot like

the professionals do. Time to break the rack, stare down the yellow one

like a bull seeing red. Lock in your target and strike hard with your

cue, letting your elbow to forearm swing as if on a hinge.

Crack, Knock, Drop. On my table, you must call all your

tricks and shots. 12, 13, 15 combos are hot as they

drop in deep pockets. Don’t let the cue-ball follow suit,

a scratch is in your future. Solids and strips battle on

green felt, knocking each other around. They bounce

off hard rails and move on the fastest, slow table

we’ve got. On my table, English is king and Masse’s

are a necessary skill. If you can’t make a proper

cut you’ll never make your eight-ball shot for

the win. Get down, use your cue as a sight.

Eye ball your shot, lock it in. Take a deep

Breath. Let it out. Pull back on you cue

and power house the cue-ball, shooting

it across the battle field toward the

infamous eight. Knock it in, for the


-Tabatha A. Bird 2017


The Window Rose

The rose in the window began to bloom, and summer then fall came and went, forgetting the rose and its thorns as winter approached. Winter’s hold on the land dwindled, and life began anew but, the little rose was forgotten when spring finally bloomed. One day, a special day to some, a day of joy, and a day of remembrance, the sun shone brightly on the window rose. The sun’s bright shine was not new. Nothing every changes from the roses point of view. However, the warm rays felt new. -Tabatha A. Bird 2017