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Sweet As Syn Studio’s Presents

A glimpse into the life of an artist trying to make her way in the modern world.

I’m terrible at these things-I just never know what to say. Honestly, I’m just hoping to entertain and inspire like-minded creative types to follow their dreams as I have done. To all the artists, musicians, audiophiles, nemophilists,  wanderlusters, and eccedentesiasts, out there I urge you to pursue happiness in your lives, to live in the moment, and love without bounds for our time on this earth is short and as we all know it can be bitter sweet. 

If your at all like me and you love art, music, sex, and the pursuit of knowledge you should feel right at home. I am truly passionate about the exploration of human sexuality and the revolution of our minds, bodies, and spirits. Hell, I live and breathe sex. 

I will regularly be posting on:

  1. Toys
  2. Sexual Positions
  3. Sexual Health
  4. The sexual revolution of our modern world.
  5. Aphrodisiac’s
  6. Porn/ Erotica
  7. Sex and Relationships
  8. Fetishism
  9. Safe Sex
  10. Biology & Psychology of sex.

I’m always open to ideas and feedback. Life is a journey and so, an endless pursuit of knowledge and experience. I’d love to hear from you and hope you enjoy my blog!