Featured Sex-Toy: Womanizer: Pro40

Womanizer: Pro40

Clitoral Stimulation an experience from the PRO 40.

Somewhere between self-service and lip-service. 

Product Review.

The Womanizer Pro40 is the XBIZ 2017 award winner for Innovative Sexy Toy of The Year-Technology. This niffy new toy boasts original pleasure air technology and a one-hundred percent pleasure guarantee. The product is a clitoral simulator that utilizes light suction in conjunction with pulsating pressure waves which combined provides the user with an intense and unique experience in touch-less clitoral stimulation.

The Pro40 is one-hundred percent waterproof and comes with two different size silicone heads; a “normal” (or standard size) and an XL for women with a larger clitoris. This toy is designed to be simple and easy to use with your standard +/- rocker switch, eight intensity levels, and an on/off button. It’s relatively quiet, made from body-safe (friendly) silicone, easy to clean, and is USB rechargeable. It even comes with its own instruction manual detailing use, cleaning tips, and charging instructions.

Hey! Did I mention it comes with a two-year warranty, and free and discreet shipping when purchased directly from buywomanizer.com? (Originally $299.99 USD, it now available for $129.99 USD.) The company even provides a one-hundred percent price guarantee. We’ll talk more about that later. 


This is how the company describes their product…

“The waterproof Womanizer Pro40 is designed to provide touch-less stimulation of the clitoris using pulsating pleasure waves that feel both gentle and powerful at the same time. The interchangeable suction heads are made of soft, hygienic silicone and you can easily switch between 8 levels of intensity using its intuitive button on the handle until you find the level that’s right for you. 

If you are looking for a toy that does not require penetration or for those seeking a completely unique new way of reaching climax, then the Womanizer Pro40 is perfect for you. The rechargeable Womanizer Pro40 is quiet, and offers an ergonomic design that is waterproof, for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.”

Let’s talk about customer-based and expert online reviews. 

In the realm of mobility issues, flexibility issues, grip issues, or a larger than average body type the Pro40 has the best button placement & ergonomic design. If you enjoy pinpoint stimulation or have a picky clitoris, then the Pro40 might just be the thing for you. Regarding actual suction there is very little, the pulses of air may resemble suction to some degree. If you are seeking suction from this product it seems that the only way to achieve it is to use the product underwater however, it is still a minimal degree of suction. Reviews also suggest that if the user holds the nozzle tip just above the clitoris (without contact) one would experience a jack-hammer like sensation.

♥Dangerous Lily said…

“Even though the Womanizer Pro 40 is a little louder vs W100 or W500, it’s now my top recommendation over every brand and model” 

Check out her comparison chart below.

She even provides a link to the companies Instagram 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Thank you, Dangerous Lily! You rock! 

The Pro40 uses pulses of air to stimulate the clitoris. I’ve even read that some users report that when using this product with lubricant that is simulates cunnilingus. Let’s take a moment to get into this. Pleasure Air toys are equipped with a silicone, conically-shaped nodule or head that is designed to rest against the labia and surround the clitoris; without touching it. Then, the nodule is able to establish a gentle seal with the folds of the upper labia ( personal lubricant helps make a better seal) and then Pleasure Air sex toy gets down to business drawing micro-pulses of air across the clitoris.

That sounds fantastic!

I came across this product in an Unbound Box this spring.  I was skeptical at first, I must admit. However, the first time I used used this product I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Now, having a notoriously picky clit and a relatively hard time reaching orgasm most of my adult life clitoral stimulation is of the utmost importance. Everyone has a combination and mine always seems to be fluctuating and evolving.  This product however, was an intense and enlightening experience. While I personally did not “get” a cunnilingus style sensation however, the pulses of air were quite pleasing and I was able to achieve orgasm in no time at all.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone who has had trouble achieving orgasm or anyone simply looking for a new and intense auto-erotic experience.


-Written By Tabatha Bird 2017


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